Crave is a two-day festival taking place on June 18th and 19th showcasing a range of works through an ecological lens. 

We are seeking something we lost, something we never had. Finding temporary communities, alternative intimacies, ways of being together in a moment. 

Living in the city we are becoming metropolitan machines; cold, hard, lifeless. Here in the context of London we crave for a new ecosystem, a new way of being together. 

Find a breath - a moment to breathe together. A regeneration of this, our human life. 

Look at the people around you. Reimagine how you might communicate in the age of technology. 

Make an offering, find an alternative, acknowledge yourself as a being in the world. 

We wish to build a playground of extreme seriousness, of hearts, cycles, windows. A roundabout that is also a spaceship. A place for species, for experiments, for you and me with bare feet. A crack in the earth to journey through, to find moments of intuitive connectivity, of newness, of exchange. A group of beings to breakfast with. 

The festival features an array of artists with a unique thirst for life, a need for connection. Over two days the space will host various artworks, ranging from live performance, intimate encounters and workshops to multi-media installations, DJ sets and filmic works. 

Crave Festival is a place to experiment, to see our venue as much our companion as the person sitting next to you. Over food, floors and conversations, we hunger for new currencies, for selfless embrace and wild celebration. 

p r o g r a m m e

(w) - workshop | (p) - performance | (f) -film  | (d) - durational | (i) - installation | (1-1) | (ff) - free food

d a y  o n e

16:00 - festival opens

w i n d o w s

16:00-19:20 - block out (d)

c a f é

16:00-17:00 - breakfast (ff)

16:30-17:30 - Massage (1-1)

19:30 - Chat Critical (i)

b a s e m e n t

16:00-21:30 - Zone Out (i)

16:00-21:30 - Nożyczki (p)

e v e r y w h e r e

With love, a stranger (i)

20:30 - festival closes

d a y  t w o

16:00 - festival opens

w i n d o w s

15:00-16:50 - block out (d)

e v e r y w h e r e

With love, a stranger

c a f é

16:00 - Massage (1-1)

19:30 - Chat Critical (i)

b a s e m e n t

16:00-20:30 - Zone Out (i)

16:15-18:00 -  Movement (w)

18:15-19:15 -  Volumetric Vol. 2 (p)


a r t i s t s

A Suffocating Choking Feeling | TomYumSim

20:15 - (p) - theatre

45 Mins- day two

I am dying, but I’m not dead yet...

Ever wanted to rewrite your own narrative?

Living day to day, not knowing if tomorrow will come, Simone Hamilton has overcome the

odds, and is now a social media influencer and dream workshop facilitator. Join Simone as

she takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery with unapologetic vulnerability. She is

an advocate for grabbing life by the neck and taking unknown leaps, everyday.

Part interactive workshop, part brutally honest confession -

A Suffocating Choking Feeling​ is a celebration of life and an exploration of belief.

Because if you believe it, it can become your realit

Simone Hamilton is an accomplished social media personality, teaching her original Dream Analysis framework across the world.


19:00 - (p) - theatre

30 Mins - day two

At this very moment of flowers arriving, there is no other way | Da Hye Yang


The event is organized around three objects and one performer. The intended experience is a nuanced exploration of silence/sound, control/power, and transformation. The disparate elements in the space speak to an existing interest in power dynamics among the elements as well as a developing interest in difference or plurality. Each object is revealed at various points through the piece and engages in individual arcs in time and space. The performer focuses on the sonic, symbolic, and sensory content of each object.  

I carry objects and ponder, sound and decipher them; see people's responses and use them in performance interventions. It is a process of finding shared experiences in the folded and unfolded narratives of that object. This happens in informal settings: in public, with friends or community members.

A window - facing the street with it’s back to the theatre - will turn into an imagery building site. Where construction and deconstruction of images and imagination will take place. The bodies will make an effort to become something, as well as the space. Will you be there to peek? 

tal is a disappointed artist -


block out | Tal Kronkop

 (d) - the windows

day one & two

Breakfast | The Longing Collective

16:00 - (ff) - café

day one


As CRAVE commences, we invite you to join us in a free Vegetarian Breakfast* (with Vegan Options) and strike a conversation on the festival, longing and whether this is a breakfast or brunch. 


Breakfast Menu will be published the day prior. Allergens information will be displayed. 

19:30 - (i) - café

day one

Chat Critical | Dovydas


Chat Critical is an attempt to reimagine the review as conversation between artist, audience and critic, rather than a declaration. Follow @ChatCritical on Twitter to join the discussion after each performance.


Dovydas is a performance maker, writer, and musician based in London. In his critical practice, he is currently exploring formal possibilities of reviews and their positioning in public discourse, especially against the advent of social media as the location for these conversations.

Deadline | Cracked Reality

17:00 - (p) - theatre

30 Mins - day two


What is the lifespan of a balloon? What does a cactus do when it knows its life is ending?

Deadline explores what it means to exist, how we exist, and the possibilities that are yet to be available to us as humans. We play the role of engineers who undertake journeys through

different worlds to try and learn about how and if it is possible to be something other than

human. The engineers attempt to reconfigure their relationships to what they know by

embodying the lived experience of the things we encounter through tasks

and explorations. This in turn will glean insight into perspectives of our world that deviate from prescribed societal norms. Society places importance on capital and productivity at the expense of community and wellbeingnow more than ever. We feel that now is the right time to question these standardised procedures. Deadline reflects a different human image back at our audiences, an image that offers a new understanding of ourselves and a potential escape route from our loaded lives.

Cracked Reality is a London based performance collective consisting of artists who met after training at the Central School of Speech and Drama. They bring a wide range of skills to their shared interests in performance art, body-based performance and absurdism. Inspired by disdain for established norms in theatre and society, they attempt to articulate new performative landscapes in which they can interrogate contemporary experiences.  

16:30 - (w) - theatre

two hours - day one

D.I.YNOSAUR | Elizabeth Prentis


D.I.YNOSAUR is run by Artist Elizabeth Prentis. The project invites people to engage with environmental concerns through the medium of dinosaur sculpture. Dinosaurs had no choice about their environmental collapse, but we do! Working with all ages and abilities, D.I.YNOSAUR promotes imagination, creativity and experimentation using recycled materials to create truly bonkers dinosaur inspired artworks. Using Dinosaurs as a point of inspiration allows us to explore our imagination and let the artwork take abstract forms - the weirder the better! Workshops are led by Elizabeth and she will assist you to achieve your desired dinosaur artwork.


D.I.YNOSAUR was set up by Artist Elizabeth Prentis, as a way to engage with environmental concerns and promote creativity with waste material. The dinosaurs didn’t have a choice about

their environmental collapse, but we do.

19:30 - (p) - theatre

20 mins - day one

from the heart of the sea | Tal Naveh


We will travel through waves of connection and separation, it is a moment to look back to where we came from and where we are now. 


We invite you to feel at home, breath, touch, laugh and cry.  

Feel free to take sand with you before you leave. 

As my HOME is your HOME isn’t it? 

We are three women from different art forms that collaborate together. Mixing our skills and loves to build a human experience.

21:00-00:00 - basement

day two

InBodi Love Ecstatic Awakening Dance | Irena Danays


Ecstatic Awakening Dance is an Energy Experience designed to:

Release stress and energize the body;

Free you from emotional baggage by moving stuck energy;

Transcend the chatter of small mind and bring you into the Presence of Now;

Awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love;

Connect you to the Divine Oneness of your true nature and All That Is.

Irena Danays is a certified Ecstatic Awakening Dance facilitator. She has many years experience with dance, self healing, holding ceremonial space

16:30 - (1-1) - café

day one & two

Massage | CÉLESTE


A personalised choreography of touch. Sit. This is a gift for your body. A gift of touch and of presence. You will receive my dance for you. You can choose how you want to be touched. I will adapt the dance to your needs. I could talk to your bones. I could hold your limbs. I could sing to your cells. You can stay still, it will be your dance. To feel is to dance already. We might be observed. Our sensations will resonate and create images in the space. We will make a choreography of care.

Céleste Combes is a deep tissue poet, a body among bodies, a dead bird flying.

Movement Workshop | Tara Farrell

16:15 - (w) - basement

two hours - day two


Moving, balancing and surfing through the light and darkness of life is the motto. Let's move together and see what comes out. With movement breath, respect and various dialects, we try to understand what's around us. Through a two hour workshop, Tara Farrell will lead a movement exploration discovering dance, body and touch. Through several games reminiscent of childhood, we will uncover the power of closeness and connection

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE - To book your space email

Tara Farrell is a student and dancer sharing movement, community and emotions without speech.

16:00 - (p) - basement

day one

Nożyczki | Dovydas Laurinaitis & Iga Maria Szczepańska


Nozyczki is a performance occurring in the digital space, seeking the possibilities of liveness in recordings. Receive the artwork from the makers and find your own comfort in the space - the performance begins at play.


Presenting a new piece of work from their ongoing collaboration; Dovydas Laurinaitis and Iga Maria Szczepańska are artists based in London, whose shared exploration is currently exploring the materiality of bodies and relationships between them, in non-conventional spaces. 

Oddments  | Hannah Stewart

18:00 - (p) - theatre

30 mins - day two


A sonic improvisation with found objects. Decayed, broken or lost, these objects no longer fulfil their original purpose and rest beyond their social intention. They inhabit a new space, offering themselves to interpretation. This piece invites the audience into a space of deep listening, celebrating objects dysfunction through sound.

Hannah is a sound artist and music producer, interested in reimagining space and materiality through the use of sound. She is currently finishing a Master's in Music Leadership at the Guidlhall School of Music & Drama. Part of her practice also includes community arts and facilitating workshops through socially engaged art.

20:00 - (p) - theatre

45 mins - day two

Proper Time  | Marilena Sitaropoulou


The performer, through the method of embodiment and improvisation will try to physicalise the concept of time and perform time through every day action. The soundscape, created by Calum Lynn, is in line with the idea that time is experienced through sound. We understand the time passing through it. What happens when someone's goal is to manipulate the perception of time that another has?

Marilena is a performer-director-choreographer and her work identifies as devised, physical theatre. In 2017 she completed her BA in the Theatre Arts Department of The American College of Greece with a minor in Dance. She is currently doing the MFA Advanced Theatre Practice at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Marilena received an Award of Recognition for her short movement film ’conf-lict-dential’, in the Best Shorts competition, CA in December 2018.

21:05 - (f) - theatre

day one

The Perfect Internal Disorder & ..sSsssSssSssSss..   | Neda


21:05 - The Perfect Internal Disorder | Moccazio / Soma / Divine  

An attempt to look through chaos, into the patterns that rule it’s self-organisation, repetitions, feedback loops and fractal structures.   

21:10 -   sSsssSssSssSss by Soma  - Sound by Lechim. ft. Berry Lijesen ; Martijn Looper

As the world wriggles through another day, a human being enjoys a game of no importance.   

Neda Ruzheva is a dancer and performance artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. She is currently based in Amsterdam and studies at SNDO - School for New Dance Development. Her artistic pseudonym is $oma.  

The Man Trapped in a Circle | Pez Rosa

21:15 - (f) - theatre

day one


“The Man Trapped in a Circle” is an independent short film that follows the introspective journey of a man as he enters the circular void of life. He feels trapped in his everyday life and routine struggling to differentiate what is real from what is a dream. In this melancholic odyssey he finds himself within the subjectivity of time.  e will travel through waves of connection and separation, it is a moment to look back to where we came from and where we are now.

Starring: Sebastian Ortiz | Director and Cinematographer: Paula Muraira

Editor: Manuel Rodriguez | ADR Recordist: Gerardo Oyervides

Pez Rosa is a Mexican cinematographer and film director based in Mexico City. Through her artwork she seeks to convey the subjectivity of time as well as the unity and contrast of reality and dreams by fusing theatrical arts with film.  

16:00-17:00 - (p) - basement

one hour - day two

Volumetric Vol.2 | Kai Cheung


If 12 cars drove in circle. A single car inadvertently hit the brake and carried on driving, the following cars will start to hit their brakes one after another. The chained influence throughout the fluidity of the ride started from a single pause. This impact became a prolonged resonance. 


Volumetric Vol.2 is intended to stimulate a resonance unifying its participants through receptive behaviours, and to insert our own ways of trafficking. In this interactive performance, participants are invited into a space with only the instruction to pass ink with a glass bowl anti-clock wise.  

My practice often echos around my intention to promote human interaction. Each work is an attempt to build a public device to instigate unexpected improvisatory exchange between all beings. 

(i) - everywhere

day one & two

with love, a stranger | Valeria Barajas Suaste  


The truth can never be known, for it only whispers different things to different people of who it really is. Each letter is an exploration of intimacy and secrecy, knowing everything means you know nothing and knowing nothing means you know everything. A labyrinth of truth and a puzzle of reality. 


In collaboration with Freddie Brook - Valeria is a BA (Hons) Theatre Practice - Performance Art student

Zone Out | Alina Balaneva & Kalina Petrova

16:00-20:30 - (i) - basement

day one & two


Welcome your weakness with a cuddly sweater. Find some time only for yourself or share it with a friend. Escape from the buzzing world and discover stillness. Sing a song or take a nap. Breathe deeply. Think about those that came before you or just focus on yourself. This is a space for you to keep or spill. Who are we to say? Invite the noise, distill stillness, deprive yourself from presence or just peak in and out. In here there is always a choice. This is a space for you to keep or spill. Who are we per say?

Alina creates site specific work through movement exploration and associative psychology, impacting the audience's perception of the space through imposed physical conditions, in hopes for a shared experience. Kalina is a Bulgarian multimedia performance artist currently based in London. She is interested in the human mind-body dualism, the place of the soul in this entity and the essence of alternative states of consciousness.

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